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This style of creative journaling will help springboard people into seeing who God
created them to be.

Telling stories and recording them have always been important to Tamara Peterson, but she has always had trouble documenting her own. Not always having the right words to express her feelings around events that have happened in her life led her to finding a new way to journal.

Tamara learned, over time, that she just needed to be able to record her story in her own way through color, textures, symbols and pictures. Tamara loves teaching others this way to communicate their stories while ultimately drawing them closer to God. She believes that this style of creative journaling will help springboard people into seeing who God created them to be. Her passion is to ultimately help others to think of themselves as creative and live out their lives as the person God created them to be, a fully creative being.

Tamara has her undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas in Communication Design, she has worked at Fossil, Fellowship Church and now freelances from home. Three years ago, she started a ministry called Safe Blankets that gives handmade quilts to children in crisis situations. Since that time they have given over 350 quilts to children in the Chicago area.

Tamara has been teaching art and journaling classes for over 4 years at women's retreats, various small groups and even at her own studio. In that time she has taught women all over the country this way of connecting with God and discovering themselves. She lives in Skokie, IL with her husband and son.


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Adventures in art journaling, life,
and connection

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Day 47: Artful Lent Prompt

April 20, 2014

20140419-220612.jpg Day 47: Artful Lent Prompt. Luke 24:1-8. Ephesians 1:7-8. Luke 17:6. Why do you search for the living among the dead? He has risen and our grace has been redeemed! May God’s glory shine upon you this day and those to come. May others see His light shine within you so that they too will know the power of overcoming death. #artfullent #artfulstoryjournal #lent #grace


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