This style of creative journaling will help springboard people into seeing who God
created them to be.

Telling stories and recording them have always been important to Tamara Peterson, but she has always had trouble documenting her own. Not always having the right words to express her feelings around events that have happened in her life led her to finding a new way to journal.

Tamara learned, over time, that she just needed to be able to record her story in her own way through color, textures, symbols and pictures. Tamara loves teaching others this way to communicate their stories while ultimately drawing them closer to God. She believes that this style of creative journaling will help springboard people into seeing who God created them to be. Her passion is to ultimately help others to think of themselves as creative and live out their lives as the person God created them to be, a fully creative being.

Tamara has her undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas in Communication Design, she has worked at Fossil, Fellowship Church and now freelances from home. Three years ago, she started a ministry called Safe Blankets that gives handmade quilts to children in crisis situations. Since that time they have given over 350 quilts to children in the Chicago area.

Tamara has been teaching art and journaling classes for over 4 years at women's retreats, various small groups and even at her own studio. In that time she has taught women all over the country this way of connecting with God and discovering themselves. She lives in Skokie, IL with her husband and son.


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Artful Advent: Week 2

December 7, 2014

Artful Advent Week 2

Artful Advent: Week 2
Luke 1:26-38, Isaiah 40:28-31, Jeremiah 18:1-6, Psalm 94:19
“Greeting, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” (Luke 1:28, NIV)
Mary was now a wife to Joseph and pregnant with the Lord’s son, traveling to Joseph’s hometown of Bethlehem from Nazareth to register for the first census. Over 70 miles they would travel by foot or on donkey through the desert carrying everything they would need for this trip (no stopping at 7-11 for them). They would fear the freezing temperatures at night, bandits and wild animals looking for easy prey (A young women 8 months pregnant and one young man would certainly fall into that category) and yet they forward. As they traveled to Bethlehem they were in a time of waiting and preparing. Preparing for their new live together. Waiting and preparing to greet their new child that was soon to come. Waiting to reach the end of their trip. Waiting to see what the Lord had in store for them.
The Bible doesn’t tell us of their struggle to get to Bethlehem, but it sure couldn’t have been an easy road for them to travel. God was there and gave them space and time to get to know each other before the baby came. He gave them strength to make the journey, and grace to cover them in the times of stress that I am sure came with making a journey like that.
Mary and Joseph were just getting to know each other and learning how to be a wife and a husband as best they could, Mary was pregnant with a child that was not his and now they were traveling for a week through the desert. Any one of those three can be a stressful situation on their own, but they had to deal with all three at once. They were walking through a valley, but they were trusting that God would get them through. How often I falter when I can’t see what’s coming or when I feel something is too big for me to take on, and yet I look at Mary who was so young, and who took on so much. She didn’t do it on her own, she didn’t know what would happen or how, but she had faith that her God would get her through!
Mary and Joseph didn’t stop and stand still and hope God would magically move them to the next destination of Bethlehem, even though the road they traveled was hard they still moved forward. So many times I would just rather stay put and let the future just come to me. It doesn’t work that way and Mary knew that. She moved towards it, unsure of the path or where it would lead, but she moved knowing her God would stay with her no matter what.
This week stay present with God, allow Him to guide your steps and allow Him to help move you forward.
Do I move forward or stand still during trials in my life?
Where is God asking me to wait and prepare?
 Mary Did you Know? – CeeLo Green
My Grace is Sufficient – Shane and Shane
I’m On My Way Home – Pentatonix
Oceans  – Hillsong
Prepare Him Room – Sovereign Grace


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