artful story telling and journaling

Creative Art Journaling


Creative art journaling is something that I began doing to help myself. As an artist, I have always found it easier to communicate through visual images. I learned to release my emotional traumas through art and to celebrate the wonders of life and the joy of the gifts that God has given to me through art and through journaling.

Simply writing in a journal can be too difficult. All of those empty pages and the many, many words required to fill them can be overwhelming. The combination of using images, drawings, collage, finger painting, painting and words helped me to create beauty where there was none before. When I started using the art journaling technique, my life and my faith came alive. The journal was a safe place where I could confess my sins, share my joys and sorrows, the demands of my life and my fears with Father God – who always cares.

When I discovered the release from pain and exhaustion and that the joy of “letting go and letting God” that using these journaling techniques, I started to share them with some of my best and closest friends. Watching them bloom in their faith and discover the artist who lives inside of them along the way, I wanted to share this with everyone I could reach.

Creativity should not be something we run from; instead it should be our response to the inspiration God sets before us. That is the purpose of this type of journaling. Creating your own artful journal will inspire you to find new and unexpected places and ways to creatively worship God. It will also help you discover new ways to serve others and share the love of Christ.

There are no special tools needed, just a journal and a few colorful supplies. Paint if you have it, crayons, markers, or just a pencil will work. If you can’t draw grab a magazine and collage your masterpiece together. Don’t have any glue then grab some tape. This journaling is more about the process of doing then having the right materials, and more about the journey then the final piece of art you are left with.