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There is a space between all areas of our lives. A space between our work and home life, a space between our family and friends, and even a space between days for sleeping. We have these little pockets for each area of our lives and rarely do we allow them to spill into one another. For an artist there is a space between art and life and the space is fluid, always changing making it harder not to have the two areas spill into each other. Our inspiration comes from life. Each day, each moment in time can spark something different in us and as an artist is is our job to capture that moment so that it may touch someone else.


Many people I meet assume that this comes naturally to me. That I see something or experience something and I am instantly set into motion to create art around it, I wish that was true. It would make life easier for me I think. I would be able to experience new joys with a greater love and I would be able to put words and images around my disappointments and pain. No, for me there are some things that actually block my art from ever taking form. There are some things that seem too great to capture for whatever reason.


Fear, I think, takes it’s hold on my paint brush and says, no you can’t go there. So what would happen if I did? I am still not sure. I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at the Art Institute with a wonderful group of women earlier this month, we had lunch together and then set out to find a piece of art that represented a period of our life. I found some amazing pieces that I loved and fit with different areas of my life, past and present, but it wasn’t until we reached the Monets that I found one that really captured something that I was in awe of. The painting was, Cliff Walk at Pourville. (above)


The painting spoke volumes on how I see my next few years to look, and reminded me not to fear the end, just because you can’t see what is beyond it. There is still beauty to be seen all around us no matter the circumstances and that beauty should give us strength and inspire us to “bridge” the gap between art and life more often. When you do make it to the edge of the cliff, it doesn’t mean the end, but rather the beginning of a new adventure.


So while I still hesitate to get near the edge, to paint my fears, I at least started to this week for the first time. And so far my task that seemed to big for a canvas seems to be fitting just nicely. So while I find the courage to keep painting, I urge you to do the same, you never know when your “bridge” may inspire someone else to do the same.

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