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Moody Radio Interviews

When “Midday Connection” was on National Moody Radio I was lucky enough to be a guest several times. Over the coarse of my time with Melinda Schmidt, Lori Neff, and Anita Lustrea, I did several interviews about creative art journaling. I was asked to created a Lenten devotional (twice) as well as an Advent devotional for their listeners to engage in through Facebook groups and my website. Over 600 of their listeners joined in using the devotional for their quiet time and many creating their own art in response.

I even got the chance to introduce my retreat partner, Liz Lassa, on their show when we introduced their listeners to her Spiritual Circle Journal.

You can purchase any of these interviews at Moody’s website by clicking the image below.

Moody Radio with Host Nancy Turner

Liz Lassa and I appeared on “This is the Day” with host Nancy Turner to talk about Spiritual Art Journaling and Spiritual Circle Journaling. Meeting Nancy was a joy and the show producers made the day so special!

Gallery Opening for True Colors

I had my first gallery show, called True Colors. It consisted of 17 different acrylic mixed media paintings of animals. It was an amazing experience that the Chicago Tribune covered. Read all about it HERE.