artful story telling and journaling

Meet Tamara


Tamara Peterson is an Artist who is passionate about helping others connect with God through Art. She came upon Spiritual Art Journaling when she could not find the words to journal her feelings, but instead was able to use color, textures, paints, symbols, and pictures to record her thoughts or a message she sensed God was putting on her heart. Tamara loves teaching others how to draw closer to God through this fun and meaningful spiritual practice, and has seen it become a regular part of many women’s spiritual journey. Many of her class participants hang their art in their homes and offices, as a way to share their faith with others.

Tamara has her undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas in Communication Design. She has been teaching art and art journaling classes for the past 7 years at women’s retreats and various small groups all over the country. She had become a regular guest on Moody’s Midday Connection sharing this way of connecting with God.

Tamara attends Willow Creek Church – Northshore Campus, and was a member of their women’s ministry team for several years. Currently, she is very active in the PTA at her son’s school and is a substitute part-time for a co-op of 16 different schools in their area. She lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and their young son. Her passion is to ultimately help others to think of themselves as creative and live out their lives as the person God created them to be, a fully creative being.