artful story telling and journaling


Tamara is a wife, mother and an artist that believes everything can be seen as a creative act, she creates events that will leave your group inspired and looking for new ways to add a little more color to their everyday. Tamara understands that not everyone is an artist, but everyone is creative and these moments with paper, paint, and canvas are to help unearth your creative self and inspire your group to live a more colorful life. Morning or afternoon classes are available for your group/retreat/conference, or book a full-day retreat. Below are some of the topics Tamara has done in the past, have another idea, contact her to see if it’s possible to do.



Your Genesis: Creatively Connecting with God and Finding Yourself Along the Way

Genesis begins the Bible and also explains our creative connection with God. In this workshop I help your group learn that we are all creative, but our creativity comes out in different ways, making it sometimes hard to see – you may not paint or play a musical instrument, but even balancing your checkbook can be creative if you take the time to see where your joy is coming from, God himself. This class is an introduction into what creative faith journaling is all about and we will even take some time to get creative. (Can be more secular or religious based off the needs for your group)

Rainbows on the Ground: Finding and Following Your Own Path

In this talk I explain about a two week road trip my family and I went on where God taught me a valuable lesson on making sure I walk my own creative walk. It can be tempting to follow a path that worked well for another, but God has a path for each of us. Our paths may be confusing at times, but it’s important to follow the one that God has for you and you alone. Taking the road less traveled leads to a view only God can design.

Artful Stories: Quiet Time Along Side Your Kids

It can be hard to find time to be alone with God when you have littles at home, sometimes it’s even harder to get your kids excited about doing the same thing. Learn how to not only to find time to spend with God, but how to do it along side of your kids, too. Learn how to use devotionals and art supplies to spice up your quiet time and get your kids excited to spend time in the word, no matter their age. We will even take some time to practice your own creativity, you don’t have to be an artist to express your thoughts.